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Movie of The Day: Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

“The unlucky are nothing more than a frame of reference for the lucky. You are unlucky, so I may know that I am. Unfortunately the lucky never realizes they are lucky until it's too late. Take yourself for instance; yesterday you were better off than you are off today but it took today for you to realize it. But today has arrived and it's too late. You see? People are never happy with what they have. They want what they had, or what others have. The grass is always greener on the other side.”
Two aging gangsters, once partners, have become rivals when Morgan Freeman's son is assassinated. It's thought that Ben Kingsley had it done so Freeman has who he thinks is a bookie named Nick Carter, Josh Hartnett, to murder his son in retaliation to cover an owed debt. Bruce Willis is Mr. Goodkat, a world class assassin who seems to be working for both Freeman and Kingsley..what his chief motivation could be is a mystery at the offset.
The key to the whole movie comes in a story Willis tells to an unfortunate who listens intently about a kid's father who borrowed from gangsters 22 grand for a horse bet he heard from his uncle(the specific horse, with an ironic name synonymous with the film, has been shot up with tranquilizers). That father and his wife are assassinated because of the bet, but we're not exactly sure about the boy child.
Stanley Tucci portrays a cop keeping a stake-out on both families, quite curious about why Hartnett seems to be in the hip pocket of both Freeman and Kingsley. How Hartnett is able to evade certain death is an unraveling of secrets that'll point out a lot of the mysteries concerning not only Willis' unusual behavior, but the reasoning behind his own.
Is Hartnett who he says he is or merely someone completely different than we could possibly perceive? Lucy Liu has an entertaining, but key role as a snooping coroner who falls in love with Hartnett as she tries to "help" him find out where his old buddy Nick Carter is.You see Hartnett tells Liu that Carter offered him a place to stay after some catastrophic happenings in his life prior to the invite. Liu takes it that Carter has set Hartnett up for disastrous occurrences stemming from unpaid debts.
Some might say this film tries too hard to be clever like a "Pulp Fiction" kind of way and that it succumbs to a convoluted plot. Others might think this movie works the way it tries to be and the way it turned out. I loved this film, by the way. I love how the film plays out and tries to keep you guessing until the end. This film will keep your attention from top to bottom. If you're one of those people trying to look for a thriller that tries to keep you guessing until the end, you will like this movie. 8/10


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